Calling performers/volunteers for the cultural show!

Dear UNSRC-PCS Members,

As announced earlier, we will have a repeat of the KULTURANG PILIPINO: NOON AT NGAYON. Click here to view photos of the show last year.

This will be held on 24 June 2011, Friday evening at the Kalayaan Hall at the Philippine Center in 5th Avenue.

We are now inviting participants, as follows:

  1. Choir singers – males and females, as many as possible
  2. Dancers (pre-colonial) – 4 females
  3. Actors/actresses (skit, with voice-over) – 2 or 3 males; 2 or 3 females
  4. Skit Director
  5. Models (pls describe the native costume that you would be wearing) – males/females, at most 12
  6. Solo singers – male and/or female, at least 2
  7. Ballroom dancers – males and females (let us know what dance;must have special steps), at most 2 pairs
  8. Street dancers – males and females, at most 6
  9. Line dancers – females, at most 10
  10. “Voice-over” – 2, male and female
  11. Usher/usherettes – at least 6
  12. Food committee – practice refreshments; pre-show cocktails; participants’ take out
  13. Videographers – at least 2
  14. Photographers – at least 2
  15. Lights – at least 2
  16. Decors – 4
  17. Sounds – 2
  18. Stage director assistants – 2
  19. Script writer

Those who participated last year are welcome to join us again. We are also encouraging other members to share your talents and be part of another show of a lifetime! A chance to showcase your talents and skills! If you have suggestions, please let us know, too.

Kindly respond by sending an e-mail to baccay[at] as soon as possible.

As a reminder, we would appreciate your renewal of membership, if you have not done so. The list of the current members can be found here.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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